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The Real First world war

the great deancroft VS greencroft

DeanCroft GreenCroft Gangsta Wars
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In the rements of a country torn by civil war the war had just began between a differnt Union. The union torn to pieces was the famous GreenCroft Deancroft States. Deancroft rebelled against the industrial powerhouse Greencroft which legistlated stupid rules such as No Watermellon Wensdays. Deancroft rose to arms and rebelled against the street with the similiar name and location. The fighting has been going on since 1865 and has killed over 92,000,000 million people, making it the worse death total since Ashlee's simpsons time traveling preformance which is responsible for the death of the Dinosaurs. Deancroft federal agents run by criminal mastermind and overall badass Bill Keller who airs a daily show in the disguise of a preacher. He speaks in code to the deancroft commanders who call in and speak in code. The rebels of Deancroft have held 16 mass genocides and rounded up all insects who have come in any contact with the Greencroft terriotry. Greencroft responded to each genocide with a massive nuclear counter attack which with eventually led to the demise of several planets. Read this shocking testimony:

"Its not only a chair it also walks my dog"
Mayor John Farley

"I need ointment. Who are you. Did they cancel that show with Giligan" Doris Goldberg, an oldfart 83 had to say.

"I cant believe this isnt chicken. Oh it is...okay.."
Lemar Shequannie

"I'm a gothic christian. Has anyone seen my crystal sword I fight the vampires off with in order to defend Jesus"

"simple..Jesus said you can only sexually serve ONE master..you either follow Jesus to the happy spot..or live in Deancroft to Him thru the Porcipresent culture mcfarther..
You will be in my prayers, be richly blessed,"
Bill Keller

"My friend's ear got infected after she got it pierced. It started to bleed. Man it was terrible. My math teacher won't give us FCAT practice"
Matlyn Noore

" Mongasation"

" Ive been raising the roof all day and i still cant find my dog"
Bob Dole

"Tag your man"

"Deancroft is unoriginal. I give it two thumbs down"
Greencroft mayor

"Oh yeah, well you can suck my dick"
Greemcroft Mayor

"I didn't say anything"
Deancroft Mayor

"Quit hogging all the hot tomales"
Greencroft Mayor

As you can see this war is very vegatarian. Please Join this community and help form a coalition of the willing devoted to ending this tragic conflict, so we can focus our efforts on invading Iran.

Please email me with comments to

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