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Battle of Crazy Horse Tree

This battle was completly irrelevant. Some guy on Deancroft was taking his dog for a walk. The dog took a shit on LaBradrod Johnson's yard, a resident of Greencroft. LaBradford was like "Yo, i am black, therefore i talk like dis. yo better get yo dawg of my yard g" and the white guy was like "how come black people say 'yo' and white people say 'cobalt'". THen all hell broke loose. the rebels of deancroft launched an attack against deancroft using bazookas and machine guns. however, a counter attack under the great general Jesus Mohommad launched back a series of underground attacks using ground hogs. the gound hogs caused devestating results. the deancroft area was devestated. there was holes in everybody's garden. it was the sickest thing Ted Bundy had ever seen. He had to say about the event "where are my pants". Then he condensed into a gas
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